Looking for work experience?

There is a range of different types of work experience to consider

Looking For Work Experience

Many young people now working in agriculture or related jobs, started with work experience. It gives you a taste of what the job entails and an opportunity to find out if you like the job, whether it is suitable for you and whether you are suitable for it.

Work Experience is available on farms or farm related businesses. They are normally unpaid for up to two weeks. You can ask an employer for work experience if you are over 16 years old, up to any age.

Work experience gives valuable practical experience for those still at school, school leavers, college students, undergraduates, and graduates. It is also valuable for those without qualifications and for those with qualifications.

School placements

If you are over 16 years old and still at school, you can arrange work experience as part of a school requirement or independently from school, for instance in the holidays. Many schools have a work experience scheme for S4 pupils during a week in the summer term. Some schools also run work experience schemes for older pupils to help them prepare for college, university, work or a Modern Apprenticeship.

Work shadowing

This is very similar to work experience but is more usual in a professional job where you are unable to contribute to the work. It is most common for school pupils although anyone can ask an employer to shadow them if they have a particular interest in a job. Like work experience, it gives you a taste of what a job is like.


This is usually an option with charitable organisations. This is a good way to gain skills and a new insight into an industry you’d like to work in. Most roles don’t need specific skills and some offer free training and valuable networking opportunities. You can also gain satisfaction from helping others, gain skills in team working, using your initiative and increase your confidence. It also shows future employers about your character.

Seasonal farm work

This is also a good way to gain practical experience and demonstrate your interest in agriculture. It is likely to be picking fruit or vegetables, or lambing and is available during school, college or university holidays. It is paid, albeit usually the minimum wage.

Are you ready?

If you’ve decided you’d like to find out more about working in farming and farming related businesses, then you can start by taking a look at the work experience that Jobfarm has on offer!

Work Experience Opportunities
Katrina Robb

A really rewarding industry

It’s important to keep rural jobs going. There are not that many (farrier) apprentices being trained in Scotland, so it would be good to encourage more people to do the job.
Katrina Robb , Farrier
Stuart Lowe

No such thing as an average day

“There’s no such thing as an average day. It can be anything from ploughing to driving in the grain or repairing dykes and fencing. That’s what keeps it interesting.”
Stuart Lowe , Agricultural Contractor